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App name TeaTV
VersionĀ  3.0r
Package name teatv.videoplayer.moviesguide
Operating System Android
File type APK
Requirements 4.4+
Author TeaTV
Feature Stream HD movies and TV shows
Last Update 16-Sep-2017


  • Add more Providers.
  • Support download with ADM.
  • Add dialog exit in player.
  • Fix Bug.


  • Remove Error Source.
  • Add Streamango Providers.
  • Add Two Source Movies.
  • Fix bug.


  • Fix Crash on Samsung devices.
  • Support more Android TV.
  • Remove icon launcher TV.


  • Optimization App.
  • Fix crash on Loading Screen.


  • Fix Crash on Link screen.
  • Support Chromecast.
  • Smaller Apk.
  • Remove Ads in Loading Screen.


  • Add two sources TV Shows.
  • Fix bug Unable to start video link on some devices.


  • Add many Source TV show, Movies.
  • Fix bug app freeze at start.
  • Fix loop view in favorite screen.
  • Fix loading screen error view on some devices.
  • Fix missing TV Show season one.
  • Smaller Apk.


  • Update new Source Movies & TV Shows.
  • Fix missing link in player movies.
  • Fix view in details movies.


  • Fix crash on search result.
  • Fix update error loading on some devices Nougat.
  • Remove ads video in player.


  • Fix load more movies, tv show in category.
  • Change color Actionbar on TV devices.
  • Use the left arrow or right arrow button on the remote to Seek Backward/Seek Forward.
  • Show more item in one screen.
  • Add Filter year button in Discover & Category screen.
  • Fix view in details TVshows.


  • Add Recent Movies, TV Shows.
  • Support more remote.
  • Add Seek Button in Player.
  • Add Config time seek in settings.
  • Add Follow Twitter Button.
  • Fix incorrect subtitle.
  • Fix random autoplay from begin.


  • Add Choose subtitle languague start app.
  • Add Play extend in Settings.
  • Fix crash exit player.
  • Fix crash on screen loading link.
  • Start app in Screen Disscover.


  • Fix Bug 1.6r blackscreen.


  • Fix target menubar on TV devices.
  • Fix bug crash open details on some devices run Android Nougat.


  • Fix bug download apk on Android Nougat.
  • Fix bug on some devices missing Google Play Services.