TeaTV for Android devices

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Version 10.3.4r
Release date: 1/8/2022

Release notes:

TeaTV - Version: 10.0.0r

  • Add more link providers.
  • Fix link not ready.
  • Fix bugs and optimize.

TeaTV - Version: 9.9.6r

  • Fix download feature. You will need to turn off battery optimization for TeaTV for stable download.
  • Fix collection in discover.

TeaTV - Version: 9.9.5r

  • Add 5 new link providers.
  • Fix bugs.

TeaTV - Version: 9.9.4r

  • Fix HD Releases section.
  • Fix crash bug.

TeaTV - Version: 9.9.3r

  • Fix collection in discover not loading.
  • Fix auto update in Android 10.

TeaTV - Version: 9.9r

  • Add lite mode on condition TMDB down.
  • Fix bugs.

TeaTV - Version: 9.8r

  • Add 10 new link providers.
  • Add ability to choose watchlist as default screen.
  • Fix bugs and optimize focus on TV.

TeaTV - Version: 9.7r

  • Add movie release status.
  • Fix link providers.
  • Fix bugs.

TeaTV - Version: 9.6r

  • Add premiumize support.
  • Add actor and actress photo in TV interface.
  • Add search movie by actor and actress.
  • Fix some link providers.

TeaTV - Version: 9.5r

  • Fix black gap on TV.
  • Fix openload link.
  • Add some link providers.
  • Fix subscene.
  • Fix privacy screen on TV.

TeaTV - Version: 9.4r

  • Change UI for TV.
  • Add 3 Google Video providers.
  • Add episode list in internal player.
  • Fix link for some specific movies.

TeaTV - Version: 9.3r

  • Add 15 new link providers.
  • Fix crash on some devices.
  • Tweak Android TV UI.

TeaTV - Version: 9.2r

  • Fix subtitle view for Arabic and other languages.
  • Fix bug cant play on some devices.
  • Fix crash on some devices.

TeaTV - Version: 9.1r

  • Fix download subtitle from opensubtitles.
  • Fix no space bug for subtitle.
  • Fix crash bug on Amazon Fire TV.

TeaTV - Version: 9.0r

  • Fix crash bug on Android 4.4 device.
  • Improve get link time.
  • Add clock on player.
  • Fix bug when downloading movie on Android 9 device.