TeaTV for Android devices

Download TeaTV apk for Android

Version 6.2r
Release date: 04.05.2018

21.2 MB - Get on FireDL app with code: TEATV

Release notes:

TeaTV - Version: 6.2r

  • New: Optimize for TV Box.
  • Fix Bugs.

TeaTV - Version: 6.1r

  • New: Add Two Providers.
  • New: Add TPlayer support download subtitles online.
  • Fix Bugs.

TeaTV - Version: 6.0r

  • New: Support Subtitle Turkish.
  • Fix: Load Subtitles in Player
  • Fix Bugs.

TeaTV- Version: 5.9r

  • New: Add More 720p Providers.
  • New: Add tutorial for new users.
  • Fix: File extesion downloaded.
  • Fix: recent player.
  • Fix: Bugs

TeaTV - Version: 5.8r

  • New: Add Search suggestion.
  • New: App optimize.
  • Fix: Bugs

26 MB - include updates and bug fixes.