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Version 7.5r
Release date: 31/10/2018

19.87 MB - Get on FireDL app with code: 193591

Release notes:

TeaTV - Version: 7.5r

  • New: Show grid type in watchlist and collection screen.
  • New: Show movie type in link.
  • New: Add login to opensubtitle account to get better subtitle.
  • New: Add New HD Releases collection
  • Fix: Sync trakt watchlist and collection.
  • Fix: Arabic subtitle.

TeaTV - Version: 7.4r

  • New: Add sync collection from trakt.
  • New: Add 720p and 1080p providers.
  • New: Add HD Release Section.
  • New: Add Feature "Sync watchlist from file". If you lost watchlist after update, please use this feature.
  • Fix: Extend filter year in Category to 1900.
  • Fix opensubtitle api.
  • Fix bugs.

TeaTV - Version: 7.3r

  • New: Add opensubtitle.
  • New: Add feature to adjust subtitle timer.
  • New: Add 1080 movies and tv shows providers.
  • New: Fully sync watchlist with Trakt account.
  • Fix bugs.

TeaTV - Version: 7.2r

  • New: Add several 720p and 1080p providers.
  • New: Add several 1080p and 4k providers for Real-Debrid users.
  • New: Show watch progress for each episode of tv shows.
  • New: Remake UI of search screen.
  • Fix bugs that cause crash on some devices.

TeaTV - Version: 7.1r

  • Fix some providers.
  • Fix bugs.

TeaTV - Version: 7.0r

  • Fix critical bug on Android 4.4 devices.
  • Fix crash after click Play button.
  • Fix more bugs.

TeaTV - Version: 6.9r

  • New: Add more 720 and 1080 Providers.
  • New: LiveTV out of beta with more channels.
  • New: Add Popular TV Show in Discover.
  • New: Add Notification chanel in Menu.
  • New: Add Brazillian Portuguese Subtitles.
  • New: UI in Details.
  • Fix Arabic Subtitle.
  • Fix Search in FireTV.
  • Fix Bugs.

TeaTV - Version: 6.8r

  • Fix Bugs When Casting to TV.

TeaTV - Version: 6.7r

  • New: Add more Live TV chanel.
  • New: Fix HTTPS chanel.
  • New: Custom chanel in Live TV.
  • Fix Bugs.

TeaTV - Version: 6.6r

  • New: Live TV ( Beta).
  • New: Support Menu button FireTV.
  • Fix Bugs.

TeaTV - Version: 6.5r

  • New: Add Two Providers.
  • New: Support Android Pie 9.
  • New: New UI in Discover.
  • Fix OL Provider.
  • Fix Bugs.

TeaTV - Version: 6.4r

  • New: Now Playing in Collection.
  • New: Add two providers.
  • New: Compatible Fire TV remotes.
  • Fix crash on Amazon devices.
  • Fix Bugs.

TeaTV - Version: 6.3r

  • New: Add Fast Provider.
  • New: UX Optimization on TV box.
  • New: Show Collections on Discover.
  • Fix Bugs.

TeaTV - Version: 6.2r

  • New: Optimize for TV Box.
  • Fix Bugs.

TeaTV - Version: 6.1r

  • New: Add Two Providers.
  • New: Add TPlayer support download subtitles online.
  • Fix Bugs.

TeaTV - Version: 6.0r

  • New: Support Subtitle Turkish.
  • Fix: Load Subtitles in Player
  • Fix Bugs.

TeaTV- Version: 5.9r

  • New: Add More 720p Providers.
  • New: Add tutorial for new users.
  • Fix: File extesion downloaded.
  • Fix: recent player.
  • Fix: Bugs

TeaTV - Version: 5.8r

  • New: Add Search suggestion.
  • New: App optimize.
  • Fix: Bugs

26 MB - include updates and bug fixes.