Check out our collection of the best LiveTV streaming app for FireStick 2019 listed below.


What is the best LiveTV streaming app for FireStick in 2019? (1)

Hulu is one of the biggest TV apps out there. In 2017, they also started doing live TV section. Hulu live TV is available on Android, iOS, Xbox One, 4th Gen Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV/ Fire Stick. Hulu provides a 1-week free trial to Live TV for you to test drive the service. After that, the live TV package will run you $40 per month and includes 50 channels. You can also purchase an add-on for Showtime, HBO, and others. It’s an excellent one-stop-shop.


TeaTV is another fantastic application which offers live TV feature and it is the best free app to watch Live TV on Firestick. Since Terrarium TV has been officially shut down, TeaTV is one of the best Terrarium TV alternatives and working perfectly without any broken link. Tea TV is one of the most popular Android app available on the internet to watch LiveTV, high-quality Movies and TV Shows.

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There is an important thing we need to take care of first before FireStick allows us to install Live Net TV, which is a third-party app. How to install teaTV on Firestick? It’s pretty easy to get TeaTV’s LiveTV on Firestick. Here is what you need to do:

 >>> How to install TeaTV on Fire Stick under 5 Minutes?

You might not know much about TeaTV’s Live TV feature as still, it is on Beta version. It might start to roll out perfectly from the next update until you have to setup it. What all you have to do to get started with Live TV is import m3u playlists.

Just follow our installation guide:

What is LiveTV? How to watch Live TV on TeaTV?

Explore the LiveTV section in TeaTV and you will discover much new and exciting stuff here.


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UkTvNow is one of the best Live TV streaming app for Firestick and also available on the Android platform. UkTVNow app is very popular in the top tier countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. There are more than 150+ channels to explore ranging from documentary, movies, kids, entertainment etc. Additionally, this app recommends that users should always use a VPN while streaming from any free source. You are all set to watch your favorite live streams. Enjoy watching channels in 10 different languages and 9 categories with UkTVNow right now!

Live Net TV

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Live Net TV on FireStick is Live TV streaming app for Firestick to watch your favorite channels worldwide. This app not only packs some of the best channels in English, but you can also watch channels from other countries in foreign languages. It is a free, lightweight app and there is absolutely no harm in giving it a try. The development team of the app is really amazing and gets regular bugs fixes to keep it up-to-date. You can even request for a channel and they will try to add it as soon as possible. All you need to do is, go to Channel Request option available on the menu and type in the name of the desired channel. Pretty easy to use and supporting user defines Live Net TV.

Sling TV

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Sling TV was the best free app to watch Live TV on Firestick to hit the market—and it’s still the cheapest. You can get most (if not all) of your favorite channels for way less than your current cable bill, and Sling lets you watch anywhere, on almost any device. SlingTV has stuff for comedy, sports, kids, and even HBO. The app is just okay. It has Chromecast support. It also has some bugs that need to be worked out. But anyway, Sling TV is a decent option for affordable live TV.

There are lots of different apps to choose from best LiveTV streaming app for FireStick list. After reading the above article, we believe you will find the best one for you. Thank you for reading!